Personal Services

Counselling and psychotherapy for a wide variety of problem situations, mental and emotional health concerns, developmental difficulties, and self-development.

Mental and Emotional Health

Many mental health conditions respond to treatment by a professional trained in psychotherapy. This can aid recovery from many different types of mental health conditions.

Psychotherapy can also help with emotional issues such as grieving after loss or adjusting to change, or behavioural issues such as drug and alcohol problems or anger management.


Professionals trained in counselling and psychotherapy can assist with personal or professional self-development.

Personal self-development can focus on areas such as self-confidence or assertiveness. While professional self-development can focus on areas such as counselling and psychotherapy skills (Clinical Supervision) or leadership development.

Problem Situations

When dealing with a major problem or crisis, counselling can help us to work through what’s happening, and reduce the emotional impact or stress of what we’re going through. In some situations counselling can even help us find solutions to problems. Talking with a trained professional can help with things such as:

  • workplace difficulties
  • career crisis or change
  • relationship problems
  • separation
  • parenting challenges
  • sexual/gender identity issues

Developmental Difficulties

Appropriate intervention can help when there have been developmental difficulties or conditions. Depending on the situation, a trained professional may be able to help with difficulty in areas such as:

  • social interaction
  • learning
  • pain management
  • adjustment